"Ha Ha Ha! Now that was pure rock and roll!"
Evil Jim
Evil Jim
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Ebil Corp
Appears in: Mogloween Saga
Location: Unknown

Evil Jim was created from the DNA of Dean Warlic by the extraterrestial being Korin. He became a famous singer by using hypnotic music. He controlled Dr. Jack Springenstein's bride, Shelly , using his powerful music. The connection was so strong that even if Evil Jim would be swallowed by a black hole, Shelly would still be hypnotized. His music includes "Crush the Weak". He has many fans around the galaxy, even amongst the Shadowscythe. His fans becomes his minions, which he uses for his selfish and arrogant purposes.


  1. Bride of Springenstein
  2. Mogloween 2010 War Event
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