"Look at our beautiful planet! All of our precious ice and snow is being stolen as we speak!"
Freddy Yeti
Race: Yeti
Gender: None
Affiliation: Yetis
Appears in: Frostval Events
Location: Planet Thoh -> Frostvale

Freddy Yeti is the leader of the enraged Yetis. He tries to stop Zanta Claus (Mr. Z.) From taking over Frostvale. The player attacked him because Zanta Claus blamed him for the disappearances of Ticklish Zorbos, but as it turn Freddy was actually was just protecting Frostvale. He informed the hero about Zanta Claus plans and helped them to defeat Mr. Z..


  1. Frostval '09 - Planet Thoh
  2. Frostval '10 - Planet Thoh
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