Ghosts are haunted mecha that you are required to capture to gain ranks in Mysterious Johnsons Ghost Hunting.

Types of Ghosts

There are currently 4 types of common ghosts, 2 types of uncommon ghost and 2 Boss and Semi-Bosses.

Common ghosts are Electra Phantasms, Tech Phantoms, Spectral Mecha, and Ghost Mecha.

Uncommon ghosts are Goobers and Arcade Ghosts.

Bosses and Semi-Bosses are Ghost Angels and Gummer the Gummerian.

Abilities of ghosts

All ghosts can do a basic attacks, Electra Phantasms and Tech Phantoms can drain your HP or can do a simple attack using their feet, Goober can immobilise you, Spectral Mecha and Ghost Mecha can both only do basic attacks. Ghost angels and Gummer the Gummerian both only have two basic attacks but they both do relatively high damage.

Disadvantages of ghosts

There are little or no abilities of ghosts since all of them are immune to stunning except the Ghost angel and Gummer the Gummerian.