Resistance 1: 50 Immobility Resistance
Resistance 2: None
Resistance 3: None
Enemy Type: Non-Equippable
Default Special Abilities: 70 Bonus
Attack 1: two-strike close up slash.
Attack 2: It hits you with its powerful hover blade.
Attack 3:
Attack 4:
Attack 5:
Attack 6:


The Hover is an interesting mecha that will only appear at high levels. Its level is 10 and it possesses the power to launch a powerful blade upon you or do a two-strike close up slash. This mech has an odd feature of a large laser-cannon behind its arm. It never appears to use this cannon, but it is interesting non-the-less. This mech also has large talons that do less damage then they are capable of.

A Hover dashing away.


It has been noticed by a few people that the mechs Orbo, Floaty, Slidz, and Hover and soon to be more do not have Shadow or Shadowscythe at the end. It is possible that there is a different group of Shadowscythe sent to attack Soluna. Although this has not been confirmed, it is becoming increasingly obvious.


It is an uncommon occurrence, but in some rare cases fighting a hover can result in the freezing of the game. You will be able to log back on immediately, but it is strange that it only happens in these enemy battles. There is about a three percent chance of this happening.