Kaiju Scythe
Kaiju Scythe
Resistance 1: None
Resistance 2: None
Resistance 3: None
Enemy Type: Non-Equippable
Default Special Abilities: None
Attack 1: Fires it's back laser cannon.
Attack 2: It bites your mecha
Attack 3: None
Attack 4: None
Attack 5: None
Attack 6: None


The Kaiju Scythe is a large high-leveled enemy. This is a enemy that levels up when you reach level 8. Its weapons consist of a bite, and a laser. When the laser is operated, you can hear a deep growl, which is assumed to be intentional. Both weapons have high damage rates.

War Snapshot24

A kaiju Scythe


People often think the Kaiju Scythe is mech. Others think it is a enemy and has the Shadowscythe symbol imprinted on its shoulder. The fact that when it is destroyed it does not explode is yet another reason it could be considered a non-mecha enemy. Another reason it could be considered a mech is its arm and cannons. Perhaps Shadowscythe created this creature to look like an organic creature or it might be cybernetic. This question may not ever be answered.