Khaeldron Prophecy
Location: Khaeldron Research Labs -> Qjik'Han -> Prophecy
Chain: Westion Saga
War-Khaeldron Prophecy2
  • Objective: Defend the Khaeldron mine from Shadowscythe invasion
  • Requirements: None
  • Release Date: 23 July 2008

Missions Available

  1. Defend Mine
  2. Treasure
  3. Bossfight

Shops Available

Power Armor

Power Armor NG

Power Up!


Starship Swag (Khaeldron Prophecy)

Requirements for Unlocking: Defeat Dragyron

Items Available:

NG Starship Swag (Khaeldron Prophecy)


  1. Arin-Ha
  2. Qjik'Han


  • Before defeating 100% (10 waves) of Defend the Mines:

Arin-Ha: <Character>. Strange invaders have taken over my family's mine. Please help me drive them out!

  • After defeating 100% (10 waves) of Defend the Mines:

Arin-Ha: A section of the mine has collapsed, revealing a secret tunnel! Will you please investigate?

  • After defeating 100% (10 waves) of Defend the Mines and completing the Boss Fight:

Arin-Ha: Is it true? Are the Shadowscythe really coming to Westion?

  • Prophecy

Arin-Ha: A few weeks ago, my family received a message from the Vul'Kharim.

  • Vul'Kharim?

Arin-Ha: They are bird-like creatures that live in the desert attacking our trains and scavenging supplies for survival.
Arin-Ha: They usually stay out of our affairs. It is quite troubling that they visited my family with a message...

Arin-Ha: They warned us about an ancient prophecy that was passed down among their people for many generations.
Arin-Ha: The prophecy simply states The hand of the visitor shall awaken the sleeper and bring doom down from the stars.
Arin-Ha: According to their belief, our family's mine is where this alleged sleeper rests.
Arin-Ha: Now our mine is overrun with these strange invaders.
Arin-Ha: To tell you the truth, this is all just a little bit scary. Could one of these invaders be the visitor from the prophecy?
Arin-Ha: Please help me win back this mine. It has been in my family for many generations! We must stop these invaders at all costs!

  • Talk

Qjik'Han: EvilCorp must have been searching for that ship! It's a good thing you found it first!
Qjik'Han: According to the data you took from the ship, there was a great war between Dragons and the Shadowscythe long ago.
Qjik'Han: The Dragons won, but at a great price. They have not been seen in the galaxy for over 10,000 years.
Qjik'Han: According to ship logs, that starship drifted through space, alight with Dragon's fire...
Qjik'Han: ...until it finally crashed here on Westion... Lord Valoth was a captain in this ancient war.
Qjik'Han: He must be a very ancient and powerful being... You seem to have caught his attention!

  • Mecha

Qjik'Han: The Starship that you found was infused with Crystallized Dragon's Breath! I used it to create my new Power Armor.

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