"Whether you like it or not, the Shadowscythe will eventually win. Too bad you didn't choose the winning side."
Dinkelheim Slugwrath
Race: Human
Gender: None
Affiliation: Shadowscythe
Appears in: Loreon Saga
Location: Unknown

Kingadent Slugwrath was a minor villain who served under the Shadowscythe. His goal was to take over the universe, using the Shadowscythe as a "fuel" to his plans. In the beginning, he acts like a decent person, but was actually the corrupt leader of Lore. In fact, he was working for Lord Valoth, who used him like a pawn. After the player's encounter with Odessa Pureheart, the player realizes that the Kingadent is evil. Later on, the player fights the Kingadent. Upon winning, the Kingadent escapes to an unknown planet. After meeting some Shadowcythe aliens, his whereabouts are unknown, though it is likely that the Shadowscythe had decapitated him as his head has ended up as an ornament for Mr. Z..


  1. Kingadent
  2. White Castle
  3. Surprise Attack
  4. Dropship


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