Loreon and one of it's moon.

The Planet Loreon is the capital planet of the Solaris system.

Main Cities


Loreon has two moons and a Moon-Base guarded by mecha.


The former leader of the planet was called Kingadent Slugwrath and his younger son, Prince Drakath, until the Player Character overthrew his lineage, before putting Odessa Pureheart as the current leader of the White Castle instead.

It was found that the current


The technology on Loreon is highly advanced, yielding in large Mechas, which are essentially walking robotic battletanks, advanced Starships, ballistic, explosive and energy weaponry and laser-beam swords, although all of these things are mixed with some medieval features intact (as seen in the White Castle).


  • In all the other BattleOn games, the planet is called Lore, the reason why it was changed is still unexplained, but it was probably due to the event called The Reset.
  • Also, in the Great Reset, some characters' names were changed. For example, Val became Valencia.
  • It was also changed during The Great Reset of the Universe like everywhere else. What actually caused The Reset was rather unexplained at first, but there are several theories of reincarnation or even aliens involved. Also, somehow, Dean Warlic WAS involved in the whole fiasco.
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