Mysterious Emporium
Rank Name Captured Ghosts Required Unlocked
0 Skeptical magic store customer 0
1 Skeptical Spook Investigator 1 Spectral Specs
2 Spirit Chaser 2
3 Haunt Hunter 2
4 Casper Crusher 3 Fortunes
5 Spook Smiter 3
6 Ghost Trapper 4
7 Banshee Banisher 4
8 Ghost Hunter 5 Mirror
9 Ghost Beater-upper 5
10 Supernatural Sleuth 6
11 Spectre Spyer 6
12 Poltergeist Plucker 7 Spook Buster
13 Ghastly Grizzler 7
14 TAPs Dancer 8

15 Chain Rattler Silencer 8
16 Ghost de-Shell-er 9
17 Apparition Attacker 9
18 Spectre Spooker 10

19 Phantasm Farmer 10
20 Paranormal Investigator 0 Spaceship
21 Club Membership Applicant 0 Ghost Hunter Mecha & BOSS FIGHT!
22 Club Membership Applicant 0 Monkey
23 Club Membership Applicant 0 Punchy
24 Club Membership Applicant 0 Whoopie
25 Mysterious Club Member 0 The Club!

Magic and Novelty Store located on the far right of the four strip-malls on the east side of Soluna. Within the shop is a barrel of monkeys, a punching dummy and a whoopie cushion, all of which can be fought. A Magic Mirror named Master Mryzor also reside within the shop, which resets both fighters to full health if clicked on during a battle. The shop is owned by Mysterious Johnson, an eccentric who loves the word "Mysterious" (He's one of the only talking NPCs in the game). If the Player's Character accepts his quest, he/she will go downstairs to a containment room and accidentally release the Ghosts, starting the Ghosthunter Missions.

Missions Available

Shops Available

Ghost Shop

Ghost Hunter Mecha

Player Equipment



Mysterious J.: I am Mysterious Johnson! Now, recapture the ghosts you freed when you blew up my containment system.

  • Ghosthunting

Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson senses that there are more ghosts roaming the town! You must go and catch them!

  • How do I catch a GHOST?

Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson will train you in the mysterious art of SPECTRE BUSTING!

  • Uniforms

Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson's special truth glasses will allow you to see things how they really are! You can use them to find ghosts.

  • Fortunes
Fortune cookie

Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson believes that despite the chocolate chip cookie's fundamental design flaw, it's vastly superior at fortune telling!

  • Mirror

Myrzor: I am the amazing Master Mryzor, advisor to Mysterious Johnson! Ask me ANY YES or NO question.

  • Examples

Myrzor: (thinks) Does so-and-so think I am cute?
Myrzor: (thinks) Will I ever get super powers? Should I wear this shirt today?
Myrzor: Do you SERIOUSLY need examples of yes or no questions? *grumbles*
Myrzor: (thinks) Do ghosts REALLY exist? Am I going to be President? Does this thing actually work?

The Club


  • Before you can access to the Club:

Mysterious J.: To join the Mysterious Club, Mysterious Johnson predicts you MUST DEFEAT MONKEY!

Mysterious J.: Indeed. Mysterious Johnson predicts your next challenge is to DEFEAT PUNCHY!

Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson is sorry to predict that the last requirement to join the Mysterious Club... is to DEFEAT WHOOPIE!

  • After defeating Monkey, Punchy and Whoopie:

Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson is proud to be in the presence of someone so... mysterious!

Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson predicts that YOU are READY to join the Mysterious Club!

  • The Club! - Click on Mysterious Necromancer

Mysterious J.: As a member of the Mysterious Club, Mysterious Johnson will share with you his vision of THE FUTURE!
Mysterious J.: The stranger wears a heavy grey cloak. The darkness around him obfuscates EVERYTHING! The future is uncertain.
Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson believes this mysterious stranger exists in the future AND in the past!
Mysterious J.: The ghosts that you have been collecting are not from our plane of existance...but FROM HIS!
Mysterious J.: The came here to possess items with EVIL energy that corrupts ALL who dare use it!
Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson predicts...DOOOM!
Mysterious J.: Doom Mecha...Doom Weapons...Doom Hamsters!
Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson believes you are the only one who can prevent this. The hero...OF OUR GALAXY!
Mysterious J.: As a member of the Mysterious Club the responsibility is now yours. Be tempted not by the DARKNESS!
Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson is counting on you to NOT LET the shadow engulf Soluna city!
Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson believes you may be skeptical regarding a number of subjects and suggests asking Master Myrzor!

  • Other Information:

1: Hold Mouse over the Beachball, for an explosive surprise!
2: Constantly poke punchy to fight Punchy
3: Click on the Barrel of Monkeys to fight Monkey
4: Constantly poke the whoopie cushin to fight Whoopie