The Shadowscythe Attack Begins

The Shadowscythe finished their Planetary Invasion and atacked the Soluna City, but they were stopped by the player, Syz-Zero and other students.

Shadowscythe Invasion-part 2

The Shadowscythe forces took the Ancient Ruins technology and the House Technology, and are using the Shadowscythe Virus to take control over the pilots. The Houses were working together to stop the allien invasion.

Item ship arrives

Item ship gets through Shadowscythe blockade and delivers new items to rare item shop. Also introduces first dual purpose weapons.

Ballyhoo Promo

A new movie appears at the Cinemech. The idea was, the higher your character level the larger the reward would be after viewing the video. Obviously, the video promoted other Artix Entertainment Games, of which included Dragonfable and the dragon amulet, etc.

April Fools Day

A one-day mecha has appeared, that is available to lvl 20 players. Also, the city was changed to look like Dragonfable (just as Dragonfable was changed to look like Mechquest).