Mecha Combat 101

Mecha Combat 101 with Aleysia

Mecha Combat

At G.E.A.R.S. University, Mecha Combat 101 is a class that tests your fighting skills. When you join the class for the first time, Aleysia, the teacher, says you are late for class. She will not let you take the class unless you first wear a dunce cap. When you agree to put it on, she will tell you that you can take the class. There are 11 classes you must face. Some of the fights are easy and weak, others are harder when you have to continously fight enemies without healing in between. The harder ones are mainly the TA's (Teacher's Assistent) and the multiple fights. It is recomended you have at least the level 12 versions of the house mecha, or even stronger to finish the class. Each time you go to the class, Professer Aleysia will tell you to turn to a page in your book, usually in the millions or billions. When you beat all of the classes, you are able to wear the dunce cap any time you want.