Mecharoni Pizzeria
Level Name Roll Needed Unlocked
0 You don't work here, yet! N/A
1 Dish Washer 6 Pizza Uniform
2 Pizza Delivery Pilot 12
3 Cheese Runner 18
4 Lead Dough Stretcher 24
5 Pizza Topperator 30 Pizza Hat
6 Pizza Pirate 36
7 Pizza Assaultist 42
8 Heavy Cheese Specialist 48 Chef's Hat
9 Flour Power Ranger 54
10 Tomato Blaster 60 "Sauce" Shop
11 Prank Call Assassin 66
12 Slicer Sprinter 72
13 Advanced Pepperoni Cutter 78
14 Pizza Delivery Knight 84 Pizza Knight
15 Pizza Top(ping) Gun! 90 Order #66
16 Pizza Delivery Crusader 96
17 Sauce Commander 100 Chief Chef's Hat
18 Elite Pizza Transport Technician 100 "Recipe" Shop
19 Head Seasoner 100
20 Deep Dish Commander N/A Pizza Mecha

The Mecharoni's Pizza Parlor is a restaurant in Soluna City.

Missions Available

Shops Available

"Recipe" Shop

Requirements for Unlocking: Achieve Position #18 - Elite Pizza Transport Technician

"Sauce" Shop

Requirements for Unlocking: Achieve Position #10 - Tomato Blaster

Pizza Mecha

Requirements for Unlocking: Achieve Position #20 - Deep Dish Commander


Parma John
Maza Rella


Pizza Delivery Service

The pizza delivery sevice isn't easy as it sounds. You must pilot a mecha and deliver pizza to people. On your way, you have to fight a few Shadowscythes, a Delivery Boy, or a Big Rusty Rat. You also have to defend the pizza parlor from unwelcome customers.


First Time Entering

Parma John: Hey kid, you look like you can handle a Pizza delivery mecha. Wanna make some extra 'dough'?

  • Apply for Job

Parma John: Mamma Mia! Really?
Parma John: (thinks) she/he is either crazy or must not have heard about the last Pizza Delivery girl/boy!
Parma John: This is one job that will get you 'going places' and will sure 'open a lot of doors' for you!
Parma John: Deliver Pizzas, get tips, and with enough promotions I may just let you use the staff shops!
Parma John: All you have to do is sign here... and do not mind all that small print about what happens to you if you do not deliver a pizza in 30 minutes or less.

Parma John: Great! Welcome aboard <Character>!
Parma John: You will begin your way up the Mecharoni corporate ladder starting at the prestigious rank of Dishwasher!

  • Talk

Parma John: Pizza delivery is a serious job requiring dedication, determination, and really good aim with a photon cannon!

After applying for the job

Parma John: Welcome aboard! Deliver some pizzas, get a promotion and I will give you an official uniform!

After you've been promoted:
Parma John: Oh sure, You hate your job now. But just wait until you are promoted to <Job Rank>!

  • Pizza Delivery - Missions!

Parma John: We have a customer waiting for my famously delectable tuna-herring supreme! Make sure it gets there hot!

  • Talk

Parma John: Pizza delivery is a serious job requiring dedication, determination, and really good aim with a photon cannon!

  • Uniform

Parma John: Wearing your Mecharoni uniform will increase your chance for a promotion! Wear it with pride and strike fear into the hearts of our competitors!

Maza Rella
Maza Rella: <Character>! We have a (insert random pizza) ready for delivery!

  • Talk

Maza Rella: Soluna city is full of hungry GEARS University students. Fortunately Mecharoni Pizza delivers!
Maza Rella: This business is really competitive!
Maza Rella: Our main competitor, Rusty Rat sends their mecha to try to ambush our pilots.
Maza Rella: But if they want a slice of our business they are going to have to dish out a lot more! Our delivery pilots are a cut above the rest!

Bloghurl: The Pizza here is worth the 1,000,000,000 Lightyear trip! I would like to order one of everything please.

  • Watch

Bloghurl: *CHOMP*
Bloghurl: *CHEW*
Bloghurl: *GULP*
Bloghurl: *Thinking about chewing, chomping, gurgling....*
Character: (thinks) This fella really likes his pizza. I wonder what planet he is from.