"I'm back - Miracyrina - in all my true glory! Much better than that puny, weak, thin-blooded little Mina!"
Miracyrina Drakspyre
Race: Vampire
Gender: None
Affiliation: Darkspyre Bloodline
Appears in: Necryptos Saga
Location: Lyceum

Miracyrina is the first daughter of Drakvir Drakspyre. She killed her father in an attempt to seize the family's power but her own siblings united against her and sealed her away. Only by killing her could Mina's curse have been removed. As Myracyrina couldn't be killed in time, she possessed Mina and killed Han Velsing. The Player avenges Han Velsing by destroying Miracyrina and sadly Mina in the process.


  1. Miracyrina Fight
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