Mobile ShadowBase
Mobile ShadowBase
Resistance 1: Immobility: 40
Resistance 2: 1 Dodge
Resistance 3: N/A
Enemy Type: Non-Equippable, Shadowscythe
Default Special Abilities: None
Attack 1: Shoots lasers at you for 5 hits of damage.
Attack 2: N/A
Attack 3: N/A
Attack 4: N/A
Attack 5: N/A
Attack 6: N/A


The Mobile ShadowBase is a robotic base designed to carry out Shadowscythe Pilots, and take out any mechs in the way. This is yet another mech that gets more powerful as you level up. This mechs weapons consist of laser cannons, turrets, small guns, and an electron ray. This mecha also seems to use the ballistic missile extensively. Responsible for the fall of TiBattleonia, it is a most elaborate, high internal space and powerful enemy to be reckoned with.

Attack 1

Mobile ShadowBase Attack 1
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