The Player Character in the Dropship at the beginning of the game.

The Player Character

The Player Character is the main hero of MechQuest and was an university student studying abroad at G.E.A.R.S Unversity located in Soluna City. The player customises the Player Character to have any hair colour or name available and can even choose their Mecha.

Their achievements of note now include helping Captain Sys-Zero fight an alien virus and assisting Mysterious Johnson in fighting the mysterious Gummi-Bear Ghost during Ghost-hunting missions. Later on in the Asteroid, a Dragonoid (robotic dragon) met up with them.

They also saved planet Zargon from being decimated by Dr. Boltavolt by helping the superheroine Starstorm (Codename: Selina) ascend to great power. They are also considered to be the Chosen One of prophecy during the great Westion War, both stated by the Priestesses Tikala and Celestia, mainly because they had the Dragon Box.

Their main enemy is The Shadowsycthe Leader, Valoth, who commands a fleet of Starships to attack. While they were fighting Valoth, the Player Character made a crucial mistake and The Reset started.


  • They were present at The Reset and eventually became the Hero of Falconreach, losing their memories along the way.
  • While excavating some bones at the Water Temple, they came across some Kathool Adepts aliens. This may be a reference to Kathool 'Achoo from DragonFable
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