Runehawk is one of the three houses for students at G.E.A.R.S. University. Members of Runehawk are interested in knowledge, education and learning; therefore, they are keenly intrigued by ancient secrets and mysteries. They are also eager for challenges, and will dislike unfair competitions. The leader of Runehawk house is Jaania.

Runehawk logo

Runehawk logo

Members of Runehawk have reported to their leader, Jaania, that members of Wolfblade house have been teasing them. When Jaania tells your character this, it is clear that Runehawk and Wolfblade have a rivalry between them. As Jaania never mentions Mystraven house, it is unknown whether Runehawk and Mystraven get along.

It is mentioned by Jaania that the members of Runehawk house research magic and dragons. Runehawk is overall the house most keenly interested in fantasy.


The Runehawk Mechas are powered by a state of the art mana-drive and has the highest energy to level ratio. The basic mecha has several specials. The Mechronimonicon has a Ghostly Gun, a Magic Missle (Plus 10), Iceball (which can do damage over time or freeze the enemey.) They have orbs for their shoulder that can do +50% damage, and a hawk staff for the back arm.

The Advanced Mechas have more energy than health (the only in the game). You may think that you will lose because there is not much health, you're wrong. The front arm is a Ghastly Fist that can knock out your enemey's regen. The back arm is a Haylacron Orb, which has a guarenteed Dot and may cause them to lose energy every turn. For the shoulder attacks, there are Phantasim Shards, which can cause you enemy to lose up to twenty energy a turn. They can also leech health and energy. Meaning every turn your health and energy increases. For the body, the mecha uses a Shield Pulse Generator. If you are a Star Captain, it reduces enemy damage by 50%. The Head has a Gripping Stare attack which can "Chain Up" enemy weapons. With all of these attacks, your enemy will have almost no energy, their weapons will be chained up, and they will deal 50% damage. This is where the extra energy comes in handy. while your enemey skips turn after turn to regain energy, you will be attcking them non-stop with your massive amounts of energy. 

RuneHawk is a good mecha for people who know how to use it.

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