Shadowscythe is the organization (Possibly advanced civilization) that takes a key role in the MechQuest Storyline. Its first appearance was a Shadow Grunt bearing the Shadowscythe insignia on its logo when players were leveling up their character on the G.E.A.R.S. University Dropship. Later appearances include the enemy mecha in various Police missions, the Rifle Master on a moon which you can access on the G.E.A.R.S. University shuttle when you are level three and random appearances in battles when you press the Battle button in Soluna City. Shadowsc

The Shadow ET models

ythe play a large part in the Storyline of MechQuest, specifically as the main antagonists of the story.

The Shadowscythe are led by a gigantic skeletonal being called Valoth. He has an advisor called Medeia, who has chosen the male Bradock Steele to be her mate. The location of the Shadowscythe Home-planet is still unknown, it also apears that the Shadowscythe have means of brainwashing and hypnotising other life forms, which they used to control Sys-Zero and a female G.E.A.R.S. University Student. They use spies such as Hugh Munn to infiltrate Soluna City, but they are largely unsuccessful, due to the efforts of the Player Character.

One of their most recent crimes was the capture of Xaria, leader of house Wolfblade. It is likely that the Shadowscythe have brainwashed her into training their troops. It is now clear also that they have technology that can assimilate lesser beings, for Drakel are being assimilated in Khaeldron, Westion.


Valoth, leader of the shadowscythe


Very little is known about the Shadowscythe species, apart from that Humans and them both have heads and that they appear to be a Reptillian/Aquatic species, but there is a confirmed theory that they are a parasitic type of being. There are many strange theories about what Medeia is, for she has the mind of a Shadowscythe, yet she has the body of a female Human. One of the most sensible Ideas is that she is a Human Shadowscythe crossbred. Shadowscythe are an advanced being, having the ability and the technology to construct and pilot their own types of mecha, including Centaur mechas and Hovercycles.


The Shadowscythe use large numbers of different mecha, some of them haven't even been seen by humans, however some of the main ones are - Shadow Rangers, Shadow ET's, Tech Phantom's and Shadow Grunts.


  • The Shadowscythe aliens visually resemble the Xenomorphs from the movie Alien.
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