Shadowscythe Widow
Shadowscythe spyder
Resistance 1: 60 Immobility
Resistance 2: N/A
Resistance 3: N/A
Enemy Type: Non-Equippable, Shadowscythe
Default Special Abilities: None
Attack 1: Shoots fire then a laser from shoulders for 2 hits of damage.

Hit 1: "Fire Ignites!" - HP DoT for 3 turns

Attack 2: Pounces on you for 1 hit of damage
Attack 3: N/A
Attack 4: N/A
Attack 5: N/A
Attack 6: N/A

Shadowscythe Widow is a mid-level Shadowscythe enemy. It's offensive moves include a jump upon your mech, or it will use a laser and a flamethrower, these both deal minor damage.

Attack 1

Shadowscythe Widow Attack 1

Attack 2

Shadowscythe Widow Attack 2