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Soluna is one out of three cities on Loreon, Soluna is also the host of G.E.A.R.S. University. Here you can get jobs, buy mechas, military weapons, access your Starship, visit the Kingadent (or the Queendent), watch movies, and access the Solaris System and much more!


Inside Soluna City, there are many different jobs you can take.

  • The Specific Hospital- volunteer at the Specific Hospital to help the wounded of the Shadowscythe raids and learn more about the Shadowscythe.
  • The Soluna Police Department, help out with keeping Soluna safe and maybe you will find out something about the Werewolf rumors around town.
  • The Soluna Museum, a newly opened museum in Soluna, with nothing to display? Maybe you (and your mecha) can help Val!




EbilCorp Takeover

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