WolfBlade is one of the three houses for students at G.E.A.R.S. University. Wolfblade is a proud and noble house. The spirit of the warrior is indwelt within each member, and they are all dedicated to helping those in need. Their leader, Commander Xaria, is known to have said that the house has produced many heroes.

They have a fierce rivalry with the Runehawk house, and immediately pin the blame on them for any of their problems. The house of Mystraven often takes advantage of this. In order to be initiated into WolfBlade, the player character must retrieve the house's prized possession, the Wolf Blade, from Pandora's Labyrinth.

The Uniform and Mecha

Wolfblade house's main colors are red with gold trimming. These colors are found on the Wolfblade uniform and the Wolfblade mech. There are also special hairstyle options in the style selection.

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